Feedlot Manager – Cattle – Malawi (East Africa)

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Amori Prinsloo


Website: www.joblinkplacement.co.za

Our client the largest processor and marketer of meat in Malawi is looking for the expertise of a Feedlot Manager with cattle experience to join their team.

You will report directly to the General Manager.

Primary responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of a feedlot facility where livestock, typically cattle, are raised and finished for market. Here’s an outline of the key job roles and responsibilities:

  1. Livestock Management: Manage the care and well-being of the animals in the feedlot. This includes monitoring their health, nutrition, and overall condition, as well as implementing vaccination and treatment programs as needed.
  2. Feed Management: Oversee the feeding program for the livestock, ensuring they receive a balanced and nutritious diet to promote optimal growth and weight gain. This involves coordinating feed delivery, monitoring feed consumption, and adjusting rations as necessary.
  3. Facility Maintenance: Ensure that the feedlot facilities are properly maintained and in good working condition. This includes managing equipment, infrastructure, and environmental controls such as ventilation systems and waste management.
  4. Staff Management: Supervise and coordinate the activities of feedlot staff, including feedlot workers, animal caretakers, and maintenance personnel. Provide training, guidance, and support to ensure a safe and productive work environment.
  5. Health and Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations governing livestock handling, feedlot operations, and worker safety. Implement policies and procedures to minimize risks and prevent accidents or injuries.
  6. Recordkeeping and Documentation: Maintain accurate records of feedlot activities, including animal health records, feed inventories, production data, and environmental monitoring reports. Ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.
  7. Quality Assurance: Implement quality assurance programs to ensure that livestock raised in the feedlot meet quality standards for meat production. This includes monitoring animal welfare, food safety practices, and adherence to industry standards.
  8. Budgeting and Financial Management: Develop and manage budgets for feedlot operations, including expenses related to feed, labor, maintenance, and equipment. Monitor financial performance and implement cost-saving measures where possible.
  9. Environmental Stewardship: Implement environmental management practices to minimize the impact of feedlot operations on the surrounding ecosystem. This may include waste management, water conservation, and soil conservation measures.
  10. Market Analysis and Planning: Stay informed about market trends and demand for livestock products. Work closely with market analysts and sales teams to plan production schedules and optimize market opportunities.


Area:  Malawi (East Africa)

Salary:  USD 1500 – USD 2500

Job Features

Job CategoryAgricultural
SalaryUSD 1500 – USD 2500
Commencement dateASAP
Contract TypeFull Time

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